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Breaking the Silence

What's Behind the Wave of Police, Security, and
Vigilante Killings of Black People?

The Role of the Media

Even before the election of Barack Obama as President, the corporate media was using a double standard for reporting on terrorism and political violence. And a pattern of racist political repression is simply ignored.

  • If an individual Muslim is involved in and act of violence, it is headlined as terrorism. It is reported a part of a pattern.
  • If it is a "White" person involved in and act of violence, the story is about an isolated aberration, mental illness, troubled youth, frustrated older person. It's not reported as terrorism.
  • If it is a law enforcement officer involved in and act of violence--especially against a person of color--the frame is about two conflicting sets of claims whereby "offical" claims are "balanced" against the claims of the victim or the surviving family and neighbors. The story is about an unavoidable tragedy.

This is a racist double standard, and the corporate media frame needs to be challenged to step up and take responsinilty for remedying this problem that reflects bias and unprofessionalism. For media such as Fox News the racist and right-wing bias is so profound that it is difficult to even call what they do "journalism."

Media created within people of color, Muslim, and progressive communities have been covering this racist double stanard for years.

Stories have been carreid in Mother Jones magazine and in Extra!, the magazine of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. Bloggers including David Neiwert and Sara Robinson have been tracking and reporting on the violence of right-wing fanatics in the United States.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has issued a report finding that after the terror attacks in 2001, there have been nearly 100 murders by right-wing fanatics in the United States.

As human rights activists we need to help launch a campign to call out this racist double standard.

As Rinku Sen of the organization Race Forward and the magazine Colorlines has said:

“Part of this campaign involves reframing the messages. For example we should be focusing on structural racism and systemic inequality rather than simply personal prejudice; and we should talk about the outcomes of racism rather than the intentions of those who promote policies we object to.”

These resources compiled at the request of the Spirit House Project for a National Teach-In, Worship Service, and Candlelight Vigil
held On April 22, 2014, in Washington, DC

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