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Breaking the Silence

What's Behind the Wave of Police, Security, and
Vigilante Killings of Black People?

"Census: White Population Will Lose Majority
In U.S. By 2043"

That was the headline in a 2012 article. The changing demographics of the United States and the election of a Black President has made many White people uneasy. It has led to an increase in White Nationalism, especially in the Tea Party movement. But as Professor Jean Hardisty explains below, there are five significant long-term trends
that have helped fuel
angry right-wing backlash movements.

Why Now?

by Jean Hardisty

An explanation that attempts to be comprehensive must take into account the widespread public sentiment that is finding expression in the right, and also the role of the leadership of the right in creating and mobilizing that sentiment.

This discussion will draw on both factors in attempting to explain the contemporary rise of the right. To organize the discussion, I suggest that we take one step back in the causal chain and focus on five major economic, social, and political forces that provide the setting for the expression of a rightist agenda, and thereby underlie the success of the resurgent right. These forces are:

  1. a conservative religious revitalization,
  2. economic contraction and restructuring,
  3. race resentment and bigotry,
  4. backlash and social stress, and
  5. a well-funded network of right-wing organizations.

Each of these conditions has existed at previous times in US history. While they usually overlap to some extent, they also can be seen as distinct, identifiable phenomenon. The lightning speed of the right’s rise can be explained by the simultaneous existence of all five factors. Further, in this period they not only overlap, but reinforce each other. This mutual reinforcement accounts for the exceptional force of the current rightward swing.

In fact, the right has created a juggernaut--an overwhelming force that has now gained state power. 

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We are all part of the Human Rights Movement

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